The Baptism of Gabriel Wilkerson

New Birth In Baptism 

On 8/26/2023, Gabriel Wilkerson became the newest member of the Breath Of Life SDA church and was publicly immersed in the water to demonstrate his commitment to follow Jesus’s example through Baptism. We celebrate with his family and pray that he will continue on trusting God as he serves his country as a member of the US Air Force.
Four years ago, at the International Pathfinder Camporee, Gabriel and his mother searched for a Teen Leadership Training program bring offered by a Pathfinder Club in the DC Metro area. They found the Beltsville Broncos Club in the Potomac Conference. Gabriel had completed his Guide level and wanted to do more and receive Christian Leadership Training. He brought his three younger brothers to join the  club with him. The commitment he demonstrated throughout this four year program has been exemplary. Two years ago he also began his Master Guide Journey  with the club counselors. Towards the end of this journey, his study of the Master Guide requirements, combined with his collective study, and Pathfinder experiences with his counselors over these many years helped him realize the importance baptism. He understood that making the very public declaration to follow the examples of Jesus begins with baptism. This is the link to witness a new birth for yourself: Gabriel’s Baptism
We are looking forward to continue our journey with him and his brothers as mentors and family no matter where this life takes them. May the God of peace protect and keep him safe throughout all his life journeys, so that he may continue to be a powerful witness to the supreme power of the living God of Creation.