Food Booth Reservation Form

Food Booth Reservation Form



The year is flying by, and it is time again to reserve your food booth for the Fair.

In the link below is the “standing reservation” list for those who reserved a food booth last year and attended the Fair.  Please be sure to read the rules carefully, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail or call Joel Hutchins at 301.802.4326.


For all those with standing reservations, please confirm your reservation by March 15 via the online reservation below. If you have not confirmed your “standing reservation” by March 15 and submitted the Fair Registration form, you may lose the opportunity to serve that item.  Some clubs are on a waiting list for several items on the current list.

  1. For all those clubs that do not have a standing reservation and wish to have a food booth, please choose an item that “is not on the standing reservation list” and submit it by April 15th.  Again, the Standing Reservations will be confirmed by March 15.

Please do not purchase any items until we have confirmed your food choice.

If clubs desire to sell a second item, they can submit that as well, but those will not be confirmed until after April 15th to give other clubs opportunity to have choices.

As in the past secondary items cannot be reserved from year to year.

Joel Hutchins
Specialty Coordinator