Important Information for Camporee!!


The following is additional information for you regarding Volunteers at camporee and the Rocketry and Glass Etching honors:


Clubs will sign up and pay for their honor participants at REGISTRATION.

We are not doing any pre-registration for the honors.


  • Each class period is limited to 30 Pathfinders per class.  There are 2 classes for each of the honors. Which means that a total of 60 Pathfinders will be able to take each honor.
  • Clubs need to pay for the honor slots when they sign up for them at registration. We will not be billing for these spots.  No show means they paid for someone else to take the class (NO REFUNDS).
  • Each club will be allowed to sign up 6 Pathfinders per class (they need to be accompanied by 1 staff person to assist the honor teacher).
  • If there are open spaces when the class starts, additional Pathfinders from clubs already signed up will be able to take the vacant spots.



  • Credit will be for the volunteer plus the pathfinder (volunteer must complete their assigned roles)
  • Maximum volunteers per club is 10 (will let you know if that changes)- must have enough Pathfinders registered to match with each pathfinder credit (ex. If you have 7 pathfinders you only get credit for 7 volunteers)
  • Volunteer credit will be given if the club provides the housing and food for the volunteer (no matter what the volunteer role is)
  • Directors need to bring their volunteers to registration as soon as the volunteer arrives.  They need to check in with Jeff Cooley to get their assignment and get their schedule –Friday through Sunday
  • The volunteer/pathfinder credit will be given AFTER camporee and Jeff Cooley signs off on their completed assignments.
  • Clubs should include their volunteer and pathfinder for the credit in the registration numbers.
  • All adult Volunteers must be compliant with Verified Volunteers

Questions, let us know.

Nancy Crickenberger