TLT Lock-In, Fredericksburg, VA

Calling all Potomac TLTs!

Spring 2019 TLT Convention will be a lock-in held at the Fredericksburg SDA Church, March 9 & 10. Below are PDF files of the registration to print, fill out and email back and the schedule for your information. Please respond soon so we can have a headcount for planning supplies and food purchases.

2019 TLT Lock-In Registration

2019 TLT Lock-In Schedule

We will begin Sabbath afternoon  at 3 PM with workshops, supper, sundown worship, and, as always, Super Fun Something in the evening.  We will be staying overnight in the gym, so bring your sleeping bags and pads.  We’ll have breakfast Sunday morning, continue with the remaining workshops and be finished by 12:30 PM.  There will be warm fuzzies as usual and your favorite workshop facilitators.


In this Oshkosh year, we are trying to help conserve your funds to attend that life-changing event.  So this TLT event is only $40 per person and includes Sabbath Supper, Sunday Breakfast and a sack lunch.


Please register now to facilitate our planning to make this event special for your teen leaders. Make sure your TLTs remember to bring their binders so they can get signed off on their workshops.


We are excited to spend some time with our awesome Potomac TLTs.  See you soon!


Martha Kiger-Nelson

Potomac Head TLT Coordinator