New Updated information about the weekend.

We hope you are becoming excited about the upcoming TLT Convention at Pecometh.

Please look over these instructions to make sure you bring everything your TLTs will need to have a successful weekend. We are including a map of the camp so you know where to go once you reach Pecometh.

1. Registration begins at 6 PM and our first session starts at 7 PM, so everyone should eat on the way. We will have breakfast, lunch and supper on Sabbath and breakfast on Sunday morning. Our last session ends at 12:00 Sunday afternoon and we will send you off with a sack lunch to eat on the way home.

2. The dress code for this fun learning weekend is: comfortable!

Friday: Class C (club shirts)

Sabbath: Class B (the blue pathfinder polos)

Sunday: TLT shirts (we will have some available to give out)

3. Pecometh provides no linens in the cabins, so everyone should bring a sleeping bag or sheets & blankets, and a pillow. Also make sure to bring towels and washcloths.

4. There will be a certain amount of outdoor exposure as we move from building to building and there will be some outdoor activities, so be prepared for cool/wet weather, please.

5. Please do make sure your TLTs have their permission slips and medical forms with them, as this is a club-sponsored outing.

6. Please bring your club’s first aid kit with you. We will be going over the contents of it during the weekend. This is to make the TLTs aware and comfortable working with the first aid supplies of their club.

7. The TLTs should bring their TLT binders so they can keep their forms organized. For new TLTs, we will have a binder of forms to give you.

8. If you have last-minute questions, you may reach me at 804/690-0570. My email is

Thank you for this opportunity to work with you and your Teen Leaders!

Martha Kiger-Nelson & the TLT Council

Pecometh address: 136 Bookers Wharf Road • Centreville, MD 21617