How to Implement Child Protection & Safety Practices Today

By:  Elizabeth Camps – Writer and Public Relations Specialist

How to Implement Child Protection & Safety Practices Today

“Children are the future of the church.” Many of us have heard this phrase time and time again, and with good reason. On their pathway to adulthood, children will often become involved with various ministries and services until they are ready for leadership roles. As leaders, it is our responsibility to care for and prepare them for those leadership roles within the church.

We must also remember that they are still children as of now and must be protected and kept safe. The church should always be a safe environment for all children and a place where children can trust leaders. That is why implementing child protection and safety practices are crucial.

Join David Fournier, vice president and chief client care officer for Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM), in this webinar to review child protection guidelines, learn what leadership can do right now, and discover steps for quality supervision.

Download these resources to start implementing child protection and safety practices:

Starting Your Child Protection Plan
Appropriate Touch
Child and Youth Check-in/Check-out Policy
Sex Offenders in the Church: A Legal Guide
Youth Supervision Guidelines

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