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April 2019 Area Coordinators Communique

Welcome to our Area Coordinator’s Communique

The purpose of this Communique is to
a keep communication between Area
Coordinators and Directors/Staff. This
will be use to educate and as a reminder.

Starting next Pathfinder year (July
2019) we will continue to send this
communique on a regular basic depending
on the needs, also this
Newsletter will be use to inform you
and your club about any updated information
from the conference.

We would love to hear from you on
the challenges and concerns you may
have throughout the year. We will try
to address them.

AC Communique April

Bienvenidos a nuestro Comunicado de los Coordinadores de Área

El propósito de este comunicado
es mantener una comunicación
entre los coordinadores de área y
los directores/personal de apoyo.
Esto lo usaremos para educar y
como recordatorios.

Comenzando el próximo año
(Julio 2019) nosotros seguiremos
enviando este comunicado de
manera regular dependiendo de la
necesidad del mismo. También
será utilizado para mantenerles al
corriente de las noticias mas recientes,
cambios y actualizaciones
de la conferencia.

Nos encantaría escuchar de ustedes,
cuales son sus retos y preocupaciones
a lo largo del año y
haremos todo lo posible por contestarles.


Changes to Pathfinder Fair Schedule

Hello Potomac Pathfinders,

The schedule has changed due to the presence of rain throughout the morning.

  • Drill down occupy the morning activities and will begin after opening  Ceremonies.
  • Activities will not begin before lunch.
  • Our initial plan was to keep all honors indoors in case of rain.
    • This will continue as scheduled.
  • After our scheduled lunch break, Indoor Honors and outdoor Activities will begin.

The 2019 Pathfinder Fair

Hello Potomac Pathfinders!

There is updated information as of 4/13/2019!!!

It is time to register to attend the 2019 Potomac Pathfinder Fair.

Check your calendars.  It is set to happen on May 5, 2019 at the Takoma Academy campus.  Below is the Flyer for the Fair.  It includes a list of times and activities.  Please take time to click on it to see the full sized downloadable PDF.


Honors will be taught at several places on campus that day.  Locations will be given at that time.  Those honors will be:
  • Herbs
  • Glass Etching
  • Pin Trading
Club Discounts for Volunteers

We need volunteers to make this Fair a success.  Volunteers will help with site setup.  We are asking that all volunteers:

  1. Arrive on site at Takoma Academy at 7 am sharp to assist with the site setup and will  be required to sign in at 7am.
  2. Plan on working until no earlier than 6 pm. At that time they will sign out in order to receive the $12 credit to your club’s registration per volunteer.
  3. A  maximum discount total of $24 dollars will be credited to each club’s registration for 2 or more volunteers.
  4. Clubs are welcome to bring more than 2 volunteers to work at the fair but will not receive extra discounts to your club registration for having more volunteers.
  5. All adult volunteers must be Verified Volunteer Compliant and have had their background check option marked in the system.
Verified Volunteer Compliance

We are asking all clubs not to bring adult volunteers on site to help the conference and/or pathfinder clubs who have not gone through the Verified Volunteer training and background check. This compromises the safety of our pathfinders and destroys the integrity of the process the North American Division has put in place for our kids.

TLT Volunteers

We request that TLTs to sign up at the TLT volunteer station to work for 4 hours per TLT for the Pathfinder Fair event.  TLT need to sign up and sign out at the TLT table in order to receive volunteer hours.  If you have special volunteer forms from your respective high schools, please bring them at that time to be filled out.

Registration Forms

Please register for the fair by filling out and emailing your club registration and the food booth forms.  You will find links below to the forms.


Food Booth Reservation Form Fillable
2019 Fillable Fair Registration


TLT Lock-In, Fredericksburg, VA

Calling all Potomac TLTs!

Spring 2019 TLT Convention will be a lock-in held at the Fredericksburg SDA Church, March 9 & 10. Below are PDF files of the registration to print, fill out and email back and the schedule for your information. Please respond soon so we can have a headcount for planning supplies and food purchases.

2019 TLT Lock-In Registration

2019 TLT Lock-In Schedule

We will begin Sabbath afternoon  at 3 PM with workshops, supper, sundown worship, and, as always, Super Fun Something in the evening.  We will be staying overnight in the gym, so bring your sleeping bags and pads.  We’ll have breakfast Sunday morning, continue with the remaining workshops and be finished by 12:30 PM.  There will be warm fuzzies as usual and your favorite workshop facilitators.


In this Oshkosh year, we are trying to help conserve your funds to attend that life-changing event.  So this TLT event is only $40 per person and includes Sabbath Supper, Sunday Breakfast and a sack lunch.


Please register now to facilitate our planning to make this event special for your teen leaders. Make sure your TLTs remember to bring their binders so they can get signed off on their workshops.


We are excited to spend some time with our awesome Potomac TLTs.  See you soon!


Martha Kiger-Nelson

Potomac Head TLT Coordinator



Master Guide Classes


The next training seminars for Master Guides candidates will be November 17, 2018 at the Manassas Seventh-Day Adventist Church (9858 Fairmont Avenue Manassas, VA 20109). Please note that we will be teaching a special course in English for those pursuing the Pathfinder Instructor Award (PIA). There are no fees associated with this training.

Date: November 17, 2018

Time: 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Location: Manassas SDA


Seminars to be taught:

  1. MGSK 012: Child Abuse Prevention (English and Spanish)
  2. Temperaments or Personality Seminar ((MG) Master Guide Version) (English and Spanish)
  3. Temperaments (PIA (Pathfinder Instructor Award) Version) English ONLY

Please let us know if you have any questions. Many thanks.


–        Amada Avalos Erdelyi

Head Area Coordinator

New!! Updated Director’s Manual and Other Documentation

Hello Directors and Pathfinder Staff,

It is that time of year again.  We have several updated documentation material to share with you all.

This first document has our 2018 updates to the Pathfinder manual.  Each change is highlighted in yellow for you to review in the Table of Contents.

2018 Pathfinder Director manual updates

This is the complete Directors Manual minus the contact information for each director.

Potomac Pathfinder DIrectors Manual

We have included a document that has Basic Drill Command instructions for you to use with your clubs, as well as, flag positions.   There have been many questions about flag protocol. This document helps inform the reader of those important  and respectful protocols.  .

Drill Commands & Oblique

Flag Positions

We hope this new documentation is useful for you and your clubs.

Important Information for Camporee!!


The following is additional information for you regarding Volunteers at camporee and the Rocketry and Glass Etching honors:


Clubs will sign up and pay for their honor participants at REGISTRATION.

We are not doing any pre-registration for the honors.


  • Each class period is limited to 30 Pathfinders per class.  There are 2 classes for each of the honors. Which means that a total of 60 Pathfinders will be able to take each honor.
  • Clubs need to pay for the honor slots when they sign up for them at registration. We will not be billing for these spots.  No show means they paid for someone else to take the class (NO REFUNDS).
  • Each club will be allowed to sign up 6 Pathfinders per class (they need to be accompanied by 1 staff person to assist the honor teacher).
  • If there are open spaces when the class starts, additional Pathfinders from clubs already signed up will be able to take the vacant spots.



  • Credit will be for the volunteer plus the pathfinder (volunteer must complete their assigned roles)
  • Maximum volunteers per club is 10 (will let you know if that changes)- must have enough Pathfinders registered to match with each pathfinder credit (ex. If you have 7 pathfinders you only get credit for 7 volunteers)
  • Volunteer credit will be given if the club provides the housing and food for the volunteer (no matter what the volunteer role is)
  • Directors need to bring their volunteers to registration as soon as the volunteer arrives.  They need to check in with Jeff Cooley to get their assignment and get their schedule –Friday through Sunday
  • The volunteer/pathfinder credit will be given AFTER camporee and Jeff Cooley signs off on their completed assignments.
  • Clubs should include their volunteer and pathfinder for the credit in the registration numbers.
  • All adult Volunteers must be compliant with Verified Volunteers

Questions, let us know.

Nancy Crickenberger



• If your church has any former Pathfinders that cannot
commit to every week, but could help for one weekend
• Remember for every volunteer you bring with you and
house and feed, you get that person plus one other free
of charge
• Limit of 10 volunteers per club
• Please let us know about any potential volunteers –
contact either
• Dick Kiger-Nelson-
• Jeff Cooley-

Goddard Launches

NASA Goddard Launches

As we prepare for the 2018-2019 Pathfinder year, we note that many clubs wish to introduce the Model Rocketry Honor but don’t have the facilities or expertise necessary for a safe launch. NARHAMS supports the oldest public model rocket demonstration launches in the United States.  These launches have been part of the NASA Goddard Visitor Center programs since 1976.

The launches are held on the first Sunday of each month at NASA‘s Goddard Space Flight Center, starting at 1 pm. Anyone who wishes to fly at these events may do so. Visitors may bring and prepare their own models; a group safety briefing is given at 1:00pm, and models are given a preflight safety assessment. They allow single-engine models that must not exceed D-class models. 1/2A or A models work best for their field. Due to the limited recovery area. the flying of high power models and untested designs is discouraged.They do not permit models whose altitude may exceed 2,000 feet, nor do they normally allow glider models.

If you have any questions, please contact the NASA Goddard Visitor Center front desk at 301-286-8981.

Weather decisions will be made the day of the launch — to check the status of a launch, please contact the Visitor Center front desk.

Visitors count down to one of Goddard’s model rocket launches. Credit: NASA/Pat Izzo

Directions to Goddard


Sources used for this blog:

Monthly Model Rocket Launch at NASA Goddard

Sunday, May 6, 2018, 12:45 PM

NASA Goddard Visitors Center (via ICESat Road)
8800 Greenbelt Rd Greenbelt, MD

6 Stargazers Went

On the first Sunday of the month, NASA Goddard hosts model rocket launches. Participate in the rocket launch, and after you’re done sending small objects into (or at least slightly closer to) space, you can tour the great Goddard Visitors Center! Note: It’s “bring your own rocket.”  You can buy nearly-ready-to-launch rockets and engines at the Gift…

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